Why should I hire an eBike to explore Waiheke?

Every now and then we get asked “why should I hire an electric bike to explore Waiheke?” There are a number of reasons why we think eBikes really are the best way to get around the island.

Hills – Waiheke Island is renowned for its hills and boy we’ve got some goodies!  With pedal assistance, the e-Bike really does flatten those hills making it easy to get up to the top and enjoy the stunning views the island has to offer.  

Environmentally friendly – E-bikes run differently than other types of powered transportation. Where cars, trucks, and motorcycles typically run on gas and diesel that release carbon emissions into the atmosphere, e-bikes do not. Instead, they are considered zero-emission vehicles and run on clean energy. As zero-emission vehicles, e-bikes do not contribute to the pollution in the air. That’s a win win in our book!

Your plan at your pace – If you want to avoid buses & timetables, visit places off the beaten track and really explore the real Waiheke, e-Bikes let you get to  those places that a lot of visitors can’t get to with conventional transport.  You can also set your own itinerary going to places that you want to go to, when you want to, not just following the usual tourist route.

Fitness level – Whether you’re an Olympic rider or haven’t ridden a bike since school, e-Bikes suit all fitness levels. Using a combination of the gears and pedal assistance, you can make the bike work the best for you.  Our crew will help you sort all this out before you head off on your adventure.

FUN – If you have ridden an eBike before, you’ll know what we mean and if you haven’t, you should.  Most people when they first take off on their e-Bikes let off a little squeal as the motor kicks in and they realise how much assistance they’re going to get – from there you can relax and enjoy discovering Waiheke Island.


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our guests had to say.

“Felt like I was really experiencing the place. Went to restaurants at both ends and sides of the island for lunch on two days. Have since brought an ebike. Was a great chance to try one out.” – Kevin via Trip Advisor

“Mark and his team were so great! My four girlfriends and I rented the bikes for a day of winery touring. Mark was willing to come meet us to pick the bikes up and was super helpful throughout the whole day! Would highly recommend.” Maggie via Google Reviews

“Having been forewarned by a friend that we may regret “doing” the island by conventional bike, we opted for e-bikes. Becks picked us up off the ferry and fitted us with the bikes. What a hoot! Did everyone hear us whooping our way around the island and feeling morally superior to the peeps that had just disgorged from the tour buses?” – Woopie via Trip Advisor

If you have any other questions about our e-Bike fleet or exploring Waiheke, please don’t hesitate to contact the team https://waihekebikeshop.co.nz/bookings/